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So as some of you know, we're in the middle of packing our house up and moving.

I've got a JVC 36" TV (Model AV-36D800) that I need to get rid of. The TV still works fine but as the TV was built in 06/1999, the picture isn't the greatest. We recently replaced it with an HD set last October and it's been sitting in storage since.

Does anyone want it? If you can come get it (the TV ways a ton, ~150lbs), it's yours. I also have a stand that was made for it that I'll give away.

Any takers?
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lapsed+nonnon @ nobrow coffee 03.23.07

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Leslie and the LY's @ the pickle company 03.09.07

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Today, after nearly a year in public beta, Adobe's Lightroom 1.0 was released. I have to say, they made quite a few enhancements since the last beta version that was available (i.e. history, cloning, improved importing, filters on metadata, redeye reduction, etc.) If you purchase before April, you get it for $199. In April it jumps to $299. I used Apple's Aperture but it was never intuitive to me. I'd always find myself fighting with the app, getting frustrated, and dumping it and going back to Photoshop and Bridge ... perhaps this is due to years of using Photoshop? Lightroom on the other hand is almost second nature. I absolutely love it.

If you're unfamiliar with Lightroom, here are some videos...


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an absolutely amazing show. if you haven't heard these guys, i highly recommend them.

grizzly bear @ kilby court 02.14.07

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so i've spent the weekend working on my website. i finally took the time to get rid of those horrible frames and add a flash gallery. so far i'm pretty happy with it. it's still a work in progress and i've still got a ton of albums/bands to add, but for now it's a good start.


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amy's IN article on jared gold's quiet army runway show w/my photos.

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redemption @ club vegas 11.22.06

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quiet army by jared gold @ the union pacific grand hall

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i took the kids out today for a photo shoot. could they be any more awesome?

...in other news, i voted early today & it took 53 minutes. get to the polls early next week folks, the lines could be ugly. the elderly + electronic voting machines != a speedy time for all. while waiting in line we had to fill out this little form with our name, address, and sign it. i actually watched some old woman pull the checkbook out of her purse so she could copy her address off of her checks onto this form. and it wasn't just a quick reminder, it was a full-blown read street number, write street number, read street name, write street name, read zip code, .... is that what i have to look forward to? forgetting where i live? nonetheless, good for her for making it out.

tonight, the pet shop boys! be sure to check out oneamyseven's articles in In Utah This Week and in The Salt Lake Tribune. she's a total rockstar.


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